5 things we learned from this weekend’s K-League

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5 Things we learned from this weekend’s K-League


Seongnam can’t hold onto a lead.

On Sunday Seongnam yet again took the lead before contriving to throw it away. They have now led in their last four games but have managed only draws in three of them. To put that into perspective that’s 3 pts from a potential 12 which at this point in the season is huge. With two games remaining this season they are looking more and more likely of having to face a playoff to stay in the top division. Their confidence must be in shreds now.

Sangju aren’t going to go down quietly.

On Saturday Incheon took the lead over Sangju after only 5 mins. A defeat would have almost certainly consigned them to relegation but they refused to give up and kept at Incheon. With just over 20 mins left they get their rewards from the penalty spot with Yang Jun Ah converting the spot-kick and keeping their hopes, if rather slim hopes, alive. They are away to Jeonnam before a final day match at home to Gyeongnam it will be interesting to see how they fare in those two games.

No one seems to want to play in the ACL next season.

At least that’s how it felt at the weekend. Pohang have somehow managed to put their ACL slot in jeopardy by amazingly only winning one match since Oct 1st, that’s 1 from 8! After losing to Jeonbuk on Saturday they now sit only 3pts ahead of Seoul with both teams going head to head next Wednesday. Seoul and Jeju, the two other ACL contenders, were both in action on Sunday. Buoyed by the news that Pohang had failed to get anything at Jeonbuk they would obviously put as much pressure on them as possible by winning their respective matches right? Of course not! Jeju lost at home to Suwon and Seoul threw away a 2 goal home lead against Ulsan. With Jeju basically out of the race so Pohang and Seoul will battle it out for the remaining spot.


K-League players have more skill than Arsenal players?

It was October 2005 when Thierry Henry and Robert Pires tried to be smart against Man City and messed up a penalty and conceded a free-kick instead. Fast forward 9rs and Jeonbuk’s Brazilian due Leonardo and Kaio successfully pulled off what they couldn’t. Jeonbuk won a penalty in the first half and as Leonardo ran up to take it instead of shooting he slipped it to Kaio who lashed it home. Kaio was slightly inside the box before Leonardo passed it to him but hey it was still a pretty sweet goal and a cool way for them to say goodbye to the Jeonbuk fans, if the rumours of them leaving are true that is.


Busan are safe

After this weekend’s results Busan are able to breath a sigh of relief as they are officially out of the danger of automatic relegation. Sitting 9pts ahead of Sangju with two to play the worst position they could end up in would be facing a playoff. The fact that their remaining two games are against bottom teams Gyeongnam and Seongnam means that they will have a huge part to play in who will be in the playoffs. Gyeongnam away is  up first on Saturday and if they take anything at all from that match then they will be guaranteed their place at the top table for next season.



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