K-League Classic Round 15 Preview -Saturday Fixtures

It’s been a busy week in the K-League and the games are coming thick and fast. After a full card on Wednesday it’s back to weekend action and the first weekend of evening kick-off times. This weekend throws up some pretty tasty fixtures with the table being tighter than Groundskeeper Wullie’s purse strings. All eyes will be on Jeonbuk who have been slipping of late while Busan could claw themselves out of the play-off spot and at least four teams could find themselves in or out of the top six by close of play Sunday.

Jeonbuk BadgeFC Seoul Badge

Jeonbuk v Seoul (7pm)

Jeonbuk have been a little ‘rocky’ of late, losing away to Seongnam before sharing the points away to Pohang. They haven’t quite looked the invincible team they looked just a couple of months ago and maybe just maybe their ACL adventures are hitting home. They don’t have a great record against Seoul at home of late and that might play of their minds before kick-off. Seoul have now managed the amazing feat of being able to bore any team to defeat. A 1-0 victory midweek over Incheon, attended by only 5000, the latest ‘masterclass’ by Choi in how to grind out a result.  It’s not often after a match I drag myself to a Soju tent to drink away the memory of a victory but that was one of them. Jeonbuk will want to get a victory before doubt sets in, Seoul will want to remain undefeated for six in a row. It has all the potential to be a good match for the fans to watch but not necessarily for the neutral though.  It was ‘touch and go’ whether this was to become the first 48 Shades of Football vlog match but in the end I think only Paul is going to make the trip to the land of Bibambap. Last time the teams met it finished Seoul 1 Jeonbuk 2.

Prediction: Jeonbuk 2 Seoul 1

DaejeonBusan Badge

Daejeon v Busan (7pm)

The two lowest placed teams take on each other in this one. Nine points and nine goals separate the two teams as Daejeon continue to struggle to even get a point in a match. Three defeats on the trot leave them looking like a team that just wants the season to end so they can go back to safe confines of the K-League Challenge. Busan got an all-important victory midweek and amazingly if results go their way they could hit the dizzy heights of 9th place tonight. The two teams faced each other on the opening day of the season when Busan ran out 1-0 winners, I don’t think even the most pessimistic of Daejeonites could have foreseen just how much worse it was all going to become for them. With one victory to their name this season and that one being a freak away victory at Suwon you have to imagine more of the same lies in store tonight for them.

Prediction: Daejeon 0 Busan 1

Incheon BadgeJeonnam Badge


Incheon v Jeonnam (7pm)

One of those matches that last season you wouldn’t have switched over a Twilight double-bill to watch has far more importance and attraction this season. Incheon have been playing above themselves this year and it definitely looks like the addition of Kevin Oris was the shot in the arm they needed. That being said they do find themselves in 10th place after the midweek defeat at Seoul. They have had some great results/performances against big teams this season and now need to start replicating that form against those closer in terms of stature. Jeonnam have been up and down like a Korean face mask during the MERS ‘crisis’ with their trouncing of Busan last weekend followed by a home defeat to Gwangju on Wednesday. They need to find some consistency as they are a pretty good team but for one reason or another can’t seem to string the performances together to match their skill. Victory today though would catapult them into 5th and put a little ground between them and teams such as Incheon. They beat Incheon 1-0 at home earlier in the season but these days Incheon Stadium is not an easy place to go to and take points from.

Prediction: Incheon 1 Jeonnam 0

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