K-League Classic Round 17 Predictions

We are getting closer to the midway point of the season and the table is beginning to take shape with the usual suspects in their usual lineup spots. Been crazy busy in work these days so unfortunately no real time for in-depth previews, so a quick rundown of the matches and predictions it is then. First up the Saturday fixtures.



Seongnam v Gwangju (4pm) – Prediction : Seongnam 1 Gwangju 1

Busan BadgePohang Badge


Busan v Pohang (7pm) – Prediction : Busan 0 Pohang 2

Jeonnam Badgev  FC Seoul Badge


Jeonnam v Seoul (7pm) – Prediction : Jeonnam 1 Seoul 1

On Sunday we have

Ulsan BadgeIncheon Badge

Ulsan v Incheon (6pm) – Prediction : Ulsan 1 Incheon 1

The big one is ……

Suwon BadgeJeonbuk Badge

Suwon v Jeonbuk (6pm) – Prediction Suwon 1 Jeonbuk 2

DaejeonJeju Badge

Daejeon v Jeju (7pm) – Prediction Daejeon 0 Jeju 1



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