The Walking K-League Dead – Episode 1


The K-League Walking Dead – Episode 1

For the last few years or so we have had a plethora of doom and gloom merchants casting  a dark shadow over Korean football with predictions of a bleak future resembling that of a zombie apocalypse.  In fairness it is nigh on impossible to stall such negativity when even your very own K-League Commissioner doesn’t attend matches and your National team coach would rather select from J2 than K1.

So if Korean football was to find itself in such a serious predicament as that being foreseen who would rise as our Rick Grimes in order to lead us to a bright new future? Or would we be more likely to find ourselves lumbered with more Eugenes than Michonnes?

So without further ado it’s time to have a look at the characters who would make up The Walking K-League Dead.

Sangju_Sangmu Badge

Starring Sanju Sangmu  as Morgan


Just like everybody’s favourite staff-wielding pacifist in TWD, Sangu have also made fleeting appearances in the K-League Classic, one season playing a role in the main event before dropping out of the credits and being nowhere to be seen the next season. Then against all odds returning to the fold after a season’s break only to have a high chance of repeating the process all over again. Will 2016 see the year that just like Morgan they will earn their place at the top-table? Sangju also seem to be gearing themselves up for the imminent zombie wars by going full camouflage with their kits for the new 2016 season, the away shirt marketing especially  having a come on you walking corpses feel about it. It’s one thing being the country’s ‘Army’ team but to paraphrase Robert Downey Jnr in Tropic Thurnder “Everybody knows you never go full military”.


I guess in the apocalypse grammar won’t really be essential!

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